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    Aetna CEO: I would be turned down for health insurance

    Mark Bertolini, the head of insurer Aetna, faced a tough time in 2001 when his teenage son Eric was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that was considered incurable. In 2004, Bertolini broke his neck in a skiing accident. He readily admits that his health problems likely would mean he'd be rejected...


    House votes to fund government for 2 weeks

    Tuesday's vote in the House of Representatives to keep the federal government funded for two weeks is the first step toward averting a government shutdown starting Saturday, but it leaves the major differences between Republicans and Democrats over taxes and spending unresolved.


    Who'll control Libya's oil economy if Gadhafi falls?

    If Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi falls, his nation's ability to return to normal will depend in no small part on who controls its production of oil, which is synonymous with the Libyan economy.


    California mayors urge caution on federal budget cuts

    Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin is a loyal Republican who nonetheless fears her city could suffer under GOP budget-cutting. Citing proposed reductions in community block grants and urban programs, Swearengin on Thursday joined West Sacramento Mayor Christopher Cabaldon and other city leaders in warning...


    Can universities keep the minority students they woo?

    Lehigh University did a good job wooing Nezy Smith here. A Lehigh admissions officer met the African-American honor-roll student at her high school in Lebanon, Pa., then kept in touch for a year, urging her to visit the campus and helping her to fill out complex financial-aid forms. By her second...


    American Airlines recalls flight attendents to work

    The Association of Professional Flight Attendants is telling its members that another 200 flight attendants will be recalled by American Airlines this year.


    Brazilians flood Miami market to shop

    President Barack Obama will visit Brazil during his first South American trip in March and Brazil is Florida’s top trading partner. But Brazilians are also snapping up beachfront luxury properties and downtown Miami condos, investing in everything from real estate to Burger King, and shopping...


    Experts: Obama and GOP duck the big budget issues

    The federal budget that the Obama administration unveiled Monday fails to address the structural problems that threaten to bankrupt the country and amounts to a missed opportunity, disappointed budget experts said.


    Obama embraces Patriot Act to sanction a Lebanese bank

    The Treasury Department blacklisted a Lebanese bank Thursday under a little known provision in the USA Patriot Act, marking the first time the Obama administration has used a tool that critics charge violates due process guarantees.


    Program to aid displaced workers might expire Saturday

    A program that could help thousands of laid-off workers get re-educated — at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars to taxpayers — will expire Saturday without action this week from Congress and President Barack Obama.

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