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    Olympic success bolsters China's sense that it's a world power

    The Communist Party, which has ruled China since 1949 and remains communist in name only, has put enormous stock in its ability to carry off a successful, safe Olympic Games. Analysts say the fact they did will be an important shot in the arm for the party's leadership, and particularly Vice President...


    Beijing disappointment: U.S. will be No. 2 in gold-medal race

    With just two days left before the end of the Olympic Games, some U.S. sports officials were fretting Friday about a likely U.S. second-place finish in the gold-medal count, far behind China, and wondering what went wrong this month.


    Inquiry under way into age of Chinese gymnastic champs

    Faced with growing doubts about the ages of medal-winning Chinese women gymnasts, the International Olympic Committee has asked the leading international gymnastics body to look into whether the Chinese athletes were in fact too young to compete this month. Press reports, including one in Friday...


    U.S. women's soccer team takes another gold

    When the U.S. women's soccer team lost its top scorer on July16 in a match with Brazil, it seemed like the Americans' hopes for an Olympic medal of any kind weren't so good. But the U.S. team - convinced it could be just as strong even without forward Abby Wambach - didn't believe that. The Americans...


    May-Treanor, Walsh secure gold — now it's time to make other plans

    Take a look at Misty May-Treanor as she sprawls in the sand for a critical dig. Watch as Kerri Walsh's lanky arms tower over the net and devour a kill attempt. Soak in all the celebrations and ceremonies in which the queens of the beach take part, because there might not be any more after this year...


    Another record for Beijing Games — most viewed ever

    Television viewers aren't the only audience either. To the delight of Olympics organizers, broadcasters are finding that streaming video for the Internet and even mobile phone screens has not eaten into television viewership. As a result, International Olympics officials look forward to an expected...


    When soccer's stars align Chinese fans politely savor show

    The flags and banners and multicolored wigs were there. So were the stirring chants of "Argentina!" and "Brazil!" For a second, the scene at the Workers' Stadium Tuesday night could have been mistaken for Rio de Janeiro's Maracana or Buenos Aires' River Plate stadiums as the two South American soccer...


    Strap yourself in: Here comes daredevil BMX cycling

    Enough of the tame stuff at the Olympics. Now comes the adrenaline-pumping, stomach-churning new sport of the Games - BMX cycling. This will be no genteel cycling event. Think Thunderdome. Elbows will fly. Riders will crash. Nerves will fray.


    China shocked when injured track star Liu quits Games

    The accusations started flying as soon as star Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang limped off the track of the National Stadium here Monday and dropped out of the Olympic Games. Many Chinese had considered Liu the photogenic poster boy of what's so far been a stellar Summer Games for Chinese athletes.


    China manages expectations in medals chase

    China has dominated the first half of the Olympic Games by winning 35 gold medals as of Sunday night, 16 more than the second-place U.S. delegation. But the gold medal race should tighten this week, as Chinese athletes head into sporting events such as track and field that they're less dominant ...

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