Obama to meet with Kansas City letter writers

McClatchy Washington BureauJuly 29, 2014 


President Barack Obama speaks at the White House in Washington, D.C., Wednesday, May 21, 2014


President Obama will continue his meetings with people who have written him letters as he travels to Kansas City, Missouri on Tuesday -- and this time the attendees got their invites via a Kansas City native: new Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

Earnest placed the calls on Monday to four letter writers to invite them to dinner with Obama on Tuesday when he arrives in town.

"Hello is this Becky? This is Josh Earnest calling from the White House," Earnest says on a video of the calls made from his office -- a Kansas City Royals banner adorning one wall. 

The four include Victor, who in Jan. 2012 wrote to Obama to thank him for student loan help he received from the Income Based Repayment Plan; Valerie, who last week sent Obama an email to voice the challenges she faces as a single mom and a small business owner; Mark, who wrote in June about teaching a GED program and trying to make a difference in the lives of young people -- and Becky, who wrote to Obama in August 2013 "about the good work that was being done through her neighborhood association to improve her community."

The White House says the visits -- which Obama has done in Minnesota, California and Delaware -- "remind the president and his staff who we are working for and underscore the importance of his agenda for using all of the tools at his disposal, working with Congress where they are willing but also taking action on his own where they aren’t, to expand opportunity for all Americans and help more families share in our economy’s continued progress."

The White House notes that Earnest's "pride for the city is well known among his White House colleagues."

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