Bernie Sanders for president 2016? It could happen

McClatchy Washington BureauJuly 24, 2014 



Bernie Sanders for President 2016?

The fiesty liberal independent senator from Vermont says it could happen. In an interview to air Thursday on’s ‘PoliticKing with Larry King,’ Sanders says he’s weighing his options. He said he’s made no decision yet.

‘For me to do well, to win a presidential election, would mean that we would have to put together an unprecedented grassroots movement,’ he said in the interview. ‘I mean, you would need many, many hundreds of thousands of people knocking on doors, educating, organizing. That is not an easy thing to do.’

When King noted that independently wealthy Ross Perot was able to wage a somewhat impactful, though unsuccessful, presidential bid in 1992, Sanders replied that ‘the difference between Ross and me – and I like Ross – Ross has a few billion dollars in his bank account. I don’t, and that is a significant difference.’

Sanders expressed some frustration with President Barack Obama for trying to work with Republicans in the House of Representatives and the Senate early in his presidency when it was clear that they had no intention of cooperating with the Democratic-held White House.

‘I would say my main criticism of Barack Obama is that he seemed to think when he came in, the ensuing years, that he could negotiate with right-wing extremists who really had no intention of negotiating,’ Sanders told King.

Sanders said ‘negotiation is part of what politics is all about’ but you cannot negotiate with people who refuse to negotiate, who really want to destroy you.’

‘And I think it took him (Obama) a number of years to learn that lesson,’ Sanders added.

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