Republicans criticize Obama for plane response

McClatchy Washington BureauJuly 18, 2014 

That was fast.

Less than 24 hours after the downing of Malaysia Airlines passenger jet, Republicans were quck to attack President Barack Obama’s initial response.

Obama spoke about incident Thursday for less than a minute -- about 38 seconds, actually -- at the start of his speech promoting spending on infrastructure, such as roads and bridges, while in Delaware.

He spoke to world leaders throughout the day and was updated by his national security staff, but continued with his same schedule, which included two political events in New York.

In an email from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Republicans note Obama’s pattern of behavior in which he continues with much of his original schedule, even if he is fundraising.

“The President raised money hours after the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi. The President raised money as Russian troops stormed into the Crimea in February, declaring at a DNC fundraiser, "this is now officially happy hour with the Democratic Party." When Islamic terrorists captured Mosul, Iraq's second most populous city, the President headed to an exclusive Laguna Beach fundraiser where 25 people wrote checks of up to $32,400. Last week, while refusing to visit the border, the President traveled to Colorado (on the taxpayer dime) to raise money for Mark Udall before heading to Texas for a two-day fundraising swing. Yesterday, shortly after the attack on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 killing nearly three hundred people, President Obama publicly joked around before heading off to money.”

But Obama began Friday with a new plan: He will speak to the nation later today at the White House.

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