Could Democrats decide Mississippi’s GOP Senate runoff?

McClatchy Washington BureauJune 19, 2014 

Could Democrats wind up deciding the Mississippi Senate Republican runoff election?

It’s possible, since Democrats can vote in Tuesday’s election. But not all Democrats.

Here’s the analysis from Chism Strategies’ Brad Chism. The firm has Democratic ties:

“Mississippi law allows anyone who didn’t vote in the June 3rd Democratic Primary to vote in the GOP Primary runoff. However, the Cochran plan to expand the electorate with Democrats is a hard lift--the most likely Democratic voters are ineligible to participate in the runoff.

“The real question is: How will Cochran’s new ‘big D’ Democratic message that there is an essential role for the federal government in the Mississippi economy and society impact turn out?

o Will traditional general election Republicans in university towns, the shipyards andmilitary base communities where Cochran underperformed in the primary adequately respond to this appeal?

o Will the reminders about Cochran’s longevity and power in Washington energize McDaniel supporters even more?

Chism’s latest survey, taken Friday, showed Cochran ahead by 1 over challenger Chris McDaniel.

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