GOP stresses jobs in weekly address, blast Obama

McClatchy Washington BureauMay 10, 2014 


Rep. John Kline (R-MN/2nd)


Republicans offered a different kind of weekly address Saturday, as 14 GOP House members explained one by one their legislation aimed at creating jobs--and blaming Democrats for not advancing the measures.

Democrats counter that they're certainly interested in creating jobs, but too often, the Republican-authored bills are either too expensive or misguided.

A typical Republican comment Saturday:

"I’m George Holding from North Carolina. Ten weeks ago, the House passed H.R. 2804, my bill to rein in red tape and increase the transparency of new regulations so small businesses can better plan ahead.  Americans are still waiting for President Obama and Senate Democrats to act.”

That last line was at the end of each presentation.

At the end of the address, Education & the Workforce Committee Chairman John Kline, R-Minn., wraps things up:

“These are only some of the many bills we’ve passed to provide new hope to families, workers, and students across the country.  More are in the works....It’s time for President Obama and Senate Democrats to step up and make that their priority too.”


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