Statement by Motorola Solutions on McClatchy coverage

Director, Global Communications and Government Affairs, MotorolaApril 5, 2014 

It is very disturbing that a news organization would cast suspicion of any Motorola contract with a government entity that did not fit a generic, competitive-bid model, and at the same time cast aspersions on the integrity of the government entities with which we do business. There are a number of contract vehicles legally available to governments to purchase goods and services, and these options are provided to ensure governments can procure in a manner that can achieve cost savings for taxpayers, and enable faster implementation, which can be an important consideration for equipment that can serve as a lifeline for first responders.

It also is very disturbing that a news organization would question a law-abiding company’s community citizenship. Motorola’s employees and shareholders are deeply proud of the investments our Foundation makes to better the communities where we operate, further the invaluable partnership we have with the public safety community, and improve the quality of math and science education, which is essential to the innovative future of our company and country.

Former Governor Haley Barbour is widely recognized for his tremendous leadership during Hurricane Katrina and throughout the rebuilding of the devastated areas of Mississippi. Leaders like Governor Barbour personally understand how the public safety community relies on survivable, interoperable communications during disasters and crises. That kind of leadership and experience is invaluable to us and the first responders Motorola Solutions serves every day across the country. We are proud to have Governor Barbour on our team.

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