Ukraine proceeds with Winter Olympics bid despite crisis with Russia

Posted by William Douglas on March 14, 2014 

Sochi Paralympics Opening Ceremony

Russian President Vladimir Putin


Ukraine formally submitted its bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics Friday despite Russian troops marching into Crimea and Moscow threatening the stability of the country.

The International Olympic Committee reported that the Ukrainian city of Lviv formally submitted it host application Friday along with Krakow, Poland, Olslo, Norway, Almaty, Kazakhstan, and Beijing.

"The application files provide the IOC with an overview of each city's vision and concept for the Games and form the basis for an initial technical analysis of the bid," IOC officials said in a statement. "It is the principal deliverable of Phase 1 of the bidding procedure."

Ukrainian government and Olympic officials traveled to the Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, last month to tout its bid, even as deadly unrest exploded in Kiev. The Sochi visit happened before Russian President Vladimir Putin's order to send troops into Ukraine.

Ukrainian officials at the time said that eight years would be more than enough time for the country's political upheaval to be settled for it to host the Winter Games. 

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