Biden says his chances of running are 50-50 and Clinton won't be a factor

McClatchy Washington BureauFebruary 25, 2014 

Vice President Joe Biden took to the couch of ABC's The View Tuesday to tout the administration's health care plan -- and pushed back against suggestions that he wouldn't run for president if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton decided to get into the race.

"I think my knowledge of foreign policy, my engagement with world leaders, my experience, uniquely positions me to follow through on the agenda Barack and I have of bringing up in world peace in a way that is real and substantive," Biden said. "I also think the middle class is the single focus of what we should be looking at and how to grow it. And whether she runs or not will not affect my decision."

But he said he has yet to make up his mind and needs to discuss it with his family.

"It's as likely I run as I don't run," he said. "Everything I think I would have to do to be a viable candidate is the same exact thing I should be doing to be the best vice president I can possibly be."

Biden said his current objective is to see that that Democrats win the House of Representatives and hold onto the Senate in November.

"If we don't do that, our agenda's not going to be worth very much in the last two years," he said of himself and Obama.

He also defended the Affordable Care Act, saying there's "never been any major, fundamental changes in social policy in America that's rolled out without trouble."

"It all takes time. It's a massive, massive move," Biden said, adding that "at the end of the deal" it's "the peace of mind that this gives to people."

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