President Obama's favorite food? Probably Mexican

McClatchy Washington BureauFebruary 14, 2014 

President Obama -- who took first lady Michelle Obama out for a pre Valentine's Day celebration at a Mexican restaurant in DC -- told a Univision Radio interview that he and his daughter, Malia's favorite food would have to be Mexican.

"I like Mexican food so I can’t even choose one dish," Obama told Raul Brindis, who hosts a show of the same name. "I was talking to my daughter Malia and we decided that if we had to choose one kind of food to eat everyday it might be Mexican food. We love it."

Obama said the chefs at the White House "cook some pretty good Mexican food" and that he might have them give him a few lessons before he leaves the White House.

"Right now I don’t have to cook for myself," he said. "But I will when I’m not president again."

And he proclaimed himself a fan of spicy food.

He also gave an extended pitch for the Affordable Care Act, noting that Hispanics have a larger percentage of uninsured people than any other community.

"Frankly when I think that many in the Latino community have been suspicious of signing up for something, in part, maybe because they’re not aware that if you have a green card you qualify, you are eligible," Obama said. "You don’t just have to be a citizen. You can also do it if you’re a legal, permanent resident."

And he said that if people are worried that family members are undocumented, he said the data is "not something that goes over to the Department of Homeland Security or to others so that you have to fear somehow that you are made vulnerable."

On immigration, Obama said he believed a sweeping overhaul will happen before his presidency is over.

"I'd like to get it done this year," he said. But he noted the House hasn't passed a bill and he called for "pressure on Republicans who have refused so far to act."

The show airs in Texas and he singled out "two Senators, Mr. Cruz and Mr. Cornyn" for not supporting the Senate version.

"But you also have many Congressmen, members of the House of Representatives on the Republican side that have not supported it yet," he said. "And I think sending a strong message to them that this is the right thing to do, it’s important to do, it’s the fair thing to do, and it will actually improve the economy and give people a chance."


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