NARAL opposes Obama judicial nominee

McClatchy Washington BureauFebruary 12, 2014 

A group that has been supportive of Barack Obama, NARAL Pro-Choice America, launched a campaign Wednesday to defeat one of the president's judicial nominees.

NARAL says Michael Boggs is the first Obama judicial nominee with a record of opposing abortion rights -- supporting taxpayers funding of pregnancy centers that oppose abortion and a more restrictive parental consent law.

NARAL has launched a petition drive and will lobby senators to reject his nomination.

"We’re disappointed that pro-choice President Obama nominated someone who doesn't share our pro-choice values. We agree with the president on a lot of things, but not this pick," the petition says.

"Michael Boggs actually believes that there is one definition of what it means to live your life as an American," NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue said. "The thing is, that's anti-American. We cannot risk having someone like that on the bench when we know we have so many cases coming down the pike that will define the very fabric of who we are as a nation and we are not only a nation that supports diversity, but we're actually a pro-choice nation."

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