Senate to take up debt ceiling, could be a fillibuster fight

Posted by Sean Cockerham on February 12, 2014 

— The Senate plans to vote today on raising the debt celing, but could need at least five Republican senators to cross the aisle in order to pass it because of a threatened GOP filibuster.

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz said he plans a filibuster, which could delay the vote and require 60 votes to stop.

"I intend to object to any effort to raise the debt ceiling on a 50-vote threshold. I will insist instead on a 60-vote threshold, and if Republicans stand together we can demand meaningful spending restraint to help pull our nation back from the fiscal and economic cliff," Cruz said.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said it's unfortunate that "Republicans would threaten a filibuster of this crucial legislation."

"However, I am hopeful that Senate Republicans won’t force the economy to wait weeks or even days for a resolution, but will instead allow us to vote on this issue today. I believe many of my Republican colleagues would like to be reasonable if they weren’t so beholden to their Tea Party overlords," he said.


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