Romney praises 'unprecedented' security at Sochi Olympics

Posted by Sean Cockerham on January 24, 2014 


Downtown Sochi, host of the 2014 Olympics, lies along the Black Sea. The sculpture illustrates the area's history is a port.


— Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who organized the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, says he'd be comfortable enough with Russian security to send his family to the games in Sochi.

Romney, in a Friday morning interview with "The Today Show," said he thinks Russian officials will keep the Olympics safe for fans and athletes despite Sochi's proximity to radical Islamic fighters in Chechnya.

Romney said “the level of security preparations appears to be at unprecedented level” in Sochi.

“I believe the Games will be safe,” he said in the interview. “That doesn’t mean there’s a 100 percent guarantee anywhere in the world today. But this is, after all, a dangerous corner of the world.”

Romney drew critticism in England during the 2012 presidential campaign for questioning whether the British were doing enough to guarantee security for that year's Olympic games in London.

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