Confessions of a White House Press Secretary

McClatchy Washington BureauJanuary 16, 2014 


A bearded White House press secretary Jay Carney speaks during the daily briefing at the White House in Washington, D.C.


Press Secretary Jay Carney offered a confession from the microphone at the White House press briefing Thursday: he skipped a meeting between President Obama and Senate Democrats to catch a basketball game.

"All right. I have a confession to make from the podium, which is that I skipped the meeting to go to the Wizards-Heat game," Carney said to laughter, as reporters quizzed him about the details of the meeting.

"And that was a heck of a game," Carney offered. "Wow. The Wizards. That was astounding and exciting."

That meant his "readout" of the meeting was second-hand, Carney admitted. "Very quality second-hand, but I don't have every topic discussed."

It was, he said, "wide ranging." And he encouraged reporters to talk to senators who had been there -- and read a statement the White House released Wednesday night after the meeting.

"Beyond what we put out last night and what we just talked about, I don't have anymore details," Carney said.

The Wizards defeated the Miami Heat, who were in town for the second time as league champions to meet with President Barack Obama at the White House.

"I have to say, we are greatly appreciative of the time that LeBron James and others took the other day at the White House, but that was a heck of a game," Carney said. "Let's just just face facts. The Wizards are still below .500, and the Miami Heat won two consecutive championships, so..."

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