GOP Saturday message: 'Health care law is a bad product for young people'

McClatchy Washington BureauDecember 21, 2013 

Republicans tried a different approach in their weekly address--focusing on younger people and the new health care law.

Rep. Aaron Schock, 32, delivered the address from the campus of Eureka College in Illinois.

"On campuses like this, young people are just beginning to make choices that will shape their future.," he said. "Right now – even in the middle of finals week – they’re being told that to make the future better, they should rush out and get covered under the president’s health care law."

He described how state and federal governments are spending millions to spread the word about the law.

"But no matter how many actors, and rappers, and rock stars the president rolls out, the best sales pitch in the world can’t sell a bad product," he said, "And this health care law is a bad product for young people."

Schock, R-Ill., explains how the young are in effect being asked to pay for older, sicker people.

The law, he said, "is pushing them into years of less choice, fewer opportunities, and larger bills. t how it was supposed to be," he said.

His solution: "We ought to scrap it and start over with an approach that focuses on lower costs, more choice, and more freedom and competition.  We should make it so that young people pay their fair share for health care, and nothing more.   

"And instead of Washington telling us what to buy, let’s get back to letting every American choose the plan that’s best for them and their family." 


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