Obama deports fewer undocumented immigrants

Posted by Franco Ordonez on December 19, 2013 

The Obama administration deported fewer people this year than at any other time during President Barack Obama’s time in office.

After years of record-breaking removal numbers, the U.S. Immigration and Enforcement announced this year that it had removed 368,644 people in 2013. That's a significant drop from last year when nearly 410,000 were deported.

The findings have already fueled criticism from both sides of the immigration debate. Advocates for a comprehensive overhaul say the administration continues to deport tens of thousands of immigrants who have no criminal record. While those pressing for tougher immigration laws charge the findings exaggerate the level enforcement pointing out a large portion of those counted as removals were actually immigrants stopped at the border.

Nearly 60 percent of ICE's total removals had been previously convicted of a criminal offense, according to ICE. More than 235,000 of those removed were stopped while attempting to illegally enter the United States. And nearly 134,000 were apprehended in the interior of the United States.

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