Baring all to make a point in Mexico

McClatchy Foreign StaffDecember 12, 2013 

Baring all for a cause


Lawmaker Antonio Garcia Conejo has a point he’d like to make, and he’s willing to get almost naked to make it.

Garcia took to the podium at the Chamber of Deputies, unloosened his tie, then started taking off his clothes, saying he would demonstrate how a proposed energy reform would leave Mexicans.

“Just as they fleeced the nation by privatizing Telefonos de Mexico,” Garcia said, taking off his pants, “that’s how they are fleecing the nation.”

As he takes off his shirt, the Chamber’s chair tells him his time has run out. Photographers click furiously. Garcia ignores the time warning.

“How shameful! But this doesn’t embarrass me,” he said. Apparently responding to a remark from the floor, he added: “You, too, have a body.”

At the end, Garcia, a member of the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution that opposes the energy reform, stood before the august body in his skivvies.

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