WH refutes that Obama and Sebelius didn't meet

McClatchy InteractiveDecember 6, 2013 

The White House says a column that says President Barack Obama and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius rarely met in private meetings is based on a "ridiculously false premise" and that White House visitor logs don't provide an accurate portrayal of visits by Cabinet members because they come to the White House frequently.

"Kathleen Sebelius comes frequently and she meets frequently with the president," Carney said. "She's here a lot."

Carney said Obama has regular standing meetings with some Cabinet secretaries and meets with others in one-on-one or small group meetings.

"This one is just based on bad information," Carney said of the report, which appeared in Politico  

"It's safe to say that Kathleen Sebelius has been one of the more frequent visitors," in terms of members of the Cabinet, Carney said.

The column by the Government Accountability Institute showed zero one-on-one meetings between the two between July 2010 and November 2013 -- though 277 other one-on-one meetings with Obama's Cabinet members were recorded.

Carney said he didn't have figures for Sebelius-Obama meetings, but said given the role of health care for Obama's presidency, "it's safe to say that Secretary Sebelius spent a lot of time here."


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