McConnell analyzes the Democrats

McClatchy Washington BureauNovember 20, 2013 

Mitch McConnell put Democrats on the therapy couch Wednesday.

"We've already seen Washington Democrats travel through just about every one of the stages of grief," the Kentucky Republican leader told the Senate. He was delivering another critique of the Affordable Care Act, which Republicans are eager to repeal or change.

"Denial at first, claiming the law only problem was that it was just too popular," McConnell said. "Then anger, pointing fingers of blame at contractors, Republicans, the media, really anyone but themselves.

"Then bargaining, proposing nips and tucks to a law that needs an overhaul instead," McConnell continued.

"But for the sake of our country, let us hope they just speed right along to acceptance, the acceptance that Obamacare can work. And that their constituents deserve better."


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