McConnell: White House 'did a poor job preparing the country' for health law

Posted by David Lightman on November 7, 2013 

Thursday's likely to be the last big day for Congress for awhile--the House of Representatives is gone and the Senate is probably going out, not to return until Tuesday.

So before the Veterans' Day extended weekend, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell offered one more party message about health care: It's not working, he said, and urged Democrats to stop blaming others.

"I understand that the White House is in a tight spot here," McConnell, R-Ky., told the Senate. "They did a poor job preparing the country for this law. They wasted time making promises that simply couldn’t pan out, and they chose to ignore the warnings from my party and experts across the country that these very kinds of things would happen.

"Well," he said, "this is the result. And people are really getting hurt."

He then listed what's become a familiar litany of apparent problems.

“So it’s way past time for Democrats to end this blame game. Instead, they need to start acknowledging the consequences of their law, and actually do something about the mess they created," McConnell said. "If they’re ready to do so, Republicans are willing to help.

“Let’s work together to undo the harm of Obamacare and start over with real, bipartisan, cost-saving reforms…reforms that will actually allow Americans to keep the health plans they like. That’s the kind of reform Americans really want. And, if Democrats are ready to work together with us, we can give them just that.”


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