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McClatchy Washington BureauNovember 7, 2013 

Twitter IPO

A man walks his dogs past the New York Stock Exchange prior to the Twitter IPO, Thursday, Nov. 7, 2013 in New York. Twitter set a price of $26 per share for its initial public offering on Wednesday evening and will begin trading Thursday under the ticker symbol "TWTR" in the most highly anticipated IPO since Facebook's 2012 debut.


Twitter goes public today in an initial offering priced at $26 a share. Facebook was priced at $38 a share when it went public a year ago. Today it is worth about $50 a share.

Blockbuster's 300 stores across the country will be closed, as the video rental company concedes defeat to Redbox kiosks, Netflix streaming and DVDs by mail. Owner DISH will continue to use the Blockbuster name for some parts of its business.

Crime blotter: Former journalist Stephen Glass faced an unsympathetic California Supreme Court in his quest to practice law... Lawyers are seeking a new trial for the man imprisoned for killing Chandra Levy... Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel could be released on bail in a few weeks awaiting a retrial for the murder of Martha Moxley.

Health news: Babies' eyes may show signs of autism at two months... Speaking two languages delayed dementia for 4 1/2 years in a group studied in India.

Evangelist Billy Graham turns 95 years old today, with a party in Asheville, N.C. About 800 people are expected to attend, writes Charlotte's Tim Funk, including Sarah Palin and Rupert Murdoch.

And finally, the Olympic torch will go on its first ever space walk later this week. It arrived today on the International Space Station and will return to earth in time to begin the games in Sochi in February.


  • There are danger signs for Democrats in Tuesday’s elections
  • Colorado cities’ fracking bans could be canary in a coalmine
  • Pro-pot forces are out to legalize in 13 more states by 2017
  • Sebelius in the hot seat again over health care website
  • Supreme Court weighs whether praying before governing is legal
  • Foreign Service officer pleads guilty in visa fraud-bribery scandal
  • U.S., Iran hope to reach deal by Friday on nuclear program
  • Report: VA’s efforts to preserve historic buildings inadequate

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