McAuliffe runs well in Va. among centrists, women, exit polls find

Posted by David Lightman on November 5, 2013 


Virginia gubernatorial Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe and his family arrive at the Spring Hill Elementary School to vote


Early exit polls show Democrat Terry McAuliffe "doing well with key voting blocs in Virginia," according to a CNN analysis of exit polls.

Forty-four percent labeled themselves as moderate, and McAuliffe topped Republican Ken Cuccinell by nearly 2 to 1 with that group.

The Democrat also did well with women--up 54-38 percent. Cuccinelli held a one percentage point lead among men.

Here's some other CNN analyes of exit polls:

"McAuliffe hit Cuccinelli hard during the campaign on hot-button social issues like abortion and the strategy paid off. Cuccinelli actually won among the 70 percent of voters who care most about the economy or health care. But among the 20 percent of voters who said abortion is the most important issue, McAuliffe won by 35 points (65-30). 50 percent of voters said Cuccinelli's issue positions are too conservative, while only 41 percent said McAuliffe's positions are too liberal."

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