White House defends Sebelius

Posted by Lesley Clark on October 30, 2013 

President Obama has "complete confidence" in Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who testified before Congress Wednesday on the chaotic roll out of the health care website, the White House said.

Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Sebelius has been responsible for the implementation of the health care law -- including the parts he said are working without a hitch.

"She took responsibility for many of the problems that are evident with the website, but she also deserves credit for the other aspects of the Affordable Care Act...that have gone well," Earnest said.

He said didn't know if Obama had seen any of the testimony, but said other White House officials had caught portions "and thought she did a very good job of explaining to the American public and to the relevant congressional committee...about the efforts that are underway to fix the website."

Some lawmakers questioned whether the website was secure, but Earnest said the administration is confident it is.

"The people who are going to that website and submitting their personal information should be confident...that the information is secure and will be kept private," Earnest said, adding testing has been ongoing. 

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