Obama: Some people have poked fun at me

Posted by Lesley Clark on October 26, 2013 

President Obama used his weekly radio address to acknowledge malfunctions with the health care law website -- and to insist his administration has people "working overtime, 24/7 to boost capacity."

"Ultimately, the easiest way to buy insurance in this Marketplace will be a new website, HealthCare.gov," Obama says. "But as you may have heard, the site isn’t working the way it’s supposed to yet. That’s frustrating for all of us who have worked so hard to make sure everyone who needs it gets health care. And it’s especially frustrating for the Americans who’ve been trying to get covered."

He repeated a line that's earned him some mockery, giving out the site's 800 number -- 1-800-318-2596 -- for sign ups.

"Some people have poked fun at me this week for sounding like an insurance salesman," Obama said. "And that’s okay. I’d still be out there championing this law even if the website were perfect. I’ll never stop fighting to help more hardworking Americans know the economic security of health care. That’s something we should all want."

And he criticized Republicans for voicing outrage over the website's flaws, "considering they’ve spent the last few years so obsessed with denying those same people access to health insurance that they just shut down the government and threatened default over it."

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