Obama bestows Medal of Honor on Army captain

Posted by Anita Kumar on October 15, 2013 

President Barack Obama fastens the Medal of Honor around former Army Capt. William Swenson's neck Tuesday at the White House


A former Army captain was awarded the nation’s highest military honor Tuesday for his bravery, caught on video, during one of the deadliest battles in Afghanistan at a somber, sometimes emotional, White House ceremony.

President Barack Obama bestowed the Medal of Honor on former Army Cpt. William Swenson for his actions during a deadly six-hour battle in Afghanistan in 2009 that has been the source of controversy for years in part because he failed to receive the air and artillery support he had requested.

Obama praised Swenson in brief remarks in the ornate East Room before fastening the light blue Medal of Honor ribbon around his neck. Swenson stood still, visibly perspiring, his hands clasped together in front of him. But as Obama spoke about the battle’s victims, Swenson struggled to compose himself and a single tear rolled down his cheek.

“Moments like this, Americans like Will remind us of what our country can be at its best -- a nation of citizens who look out for one another, who meet our obligations to one another not just when it’s easy, but also when it’s hard. Maybe especially when it’s hard,” Obama said. “Will, you’re an example to everyone in this city, and to our whole country of the professionalism and patriotism that we should strive for -- whether we wear the uniform or not -- not just on particular occasions, but all the time.”

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