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McClatchy Washington BureauOctober 14, 2013 

As week three of the government shutdown begins, a resolution hinges on spending levels that would accompany an increase in the debt ceiling. Democrats on Sunday wanted to reverse cuts made during the sequester, while Republicans oppose such an increase. While Americans blame everyone in Washington for the mess, the GOP is taking more heat. If the debt ceiling is not raised this week, social security checks, food stamps and similar benefits could be delayed.

U.S. Senate Chaplain Barry Black says it was "a great honor" to be parodied on "Saturday Night Live" for his religious directives to settle political differences. The chaplain opened Sunday's Senate session with this prayer,"Give our lawmakers the wisdom to trust you and each other, turning the stubbornness of impossibilities into the blessings of creative possibilities."

And the Washington Redskins heard from sportscaster Bob Costas during halftime of their Sunday loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Costas joined the chorus of people offended by the team's name.

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