Kansas Republican warns colleagues--if you want to be leaders, be careful what you support

McClatchy Washington BureauOctober 11, 2013 

Rep. Tim Huelskamp is warning fellow Republicans: If you want to be House leaders, supporting the reported party leadership idea for raising the debt limit could mean trouble.


The Kansas Republican is not happy about news that Republican leaders are offering to raise the nation's debt limit for six weeks without seeking any delay or dilution of the Affordable Care Act.


"If true, such an abandonment of conservative principles would dispirit, dismay, and anger the entire conservative base of the Republican party," he said.


Huelskamp issued this warning: "For any of my colleagues pushing such a deal, it would seriously jeopardize their future chances of becoming elected leadership in the House. Now is the time to stand firm—not capitulate to the Left."


And so, he said, "It is my hope that Republican leadership will not abandon our principled opposition to ObamaCare.  Claiming to oppose ObamaCare while simultaneously allowing 98 percent of it to move forward would be in direct contradiction to the Pledge to America and nearly every other campaign promise made by Republicans in the last three years.”

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