How is the shutdown hurting U.S. manufacturers? Let us count the ways

Posted by Rob Hotakainen on October 10, 2013 


In Griffin, Georgia many of the textile mills, like Springs (shown here) have gone out of business as manufacturing moved overseas, and workers were laid off.

CAROLYN COLE — Los Angeles Times/MCT

How is the first shutdown of the federal government in 17 years hitting American manufacturing?

In five different ways, the Alliance for American Manufacturing said today.

Here's how:

1. Companies that are waiting for regulatory approval from the federal government are having a hard time exporting their goods.

2. About 97 percent of NASA's 18,000 employees are furloughed, with repercussions that "aren't even quantifiable yet."

3. The government doesn't have enough employees to attend major trade negotiations.

4. Routine inspections and other agency functions have ceased, including at the Food and Drug Administration.

5. The shutdown and furloughs could harm the U.S. cyber security system and its ability to defend U.S. computer networks.


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