Reid spokesman: GOP should 'drop their knee-jerk obstruction'

McClatchy NewspapersDecember 27, 2012 

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's spokesman swung back hard at House of Representatives Republicans Wednesday, after GOP leaders said the Senate should consider House-passed tax and spending bills.

The Republican-authored bills, including one to extend all Bush-era tax cuts for a year, are unpopular with Democrats.

"House Republicans pushed middle class families closer to the cliff by wasting an entire week with their incompetent 'Plan B' stunt," said Reid spokesman Adam Jentleson of last week's unsuccessful Republican bid to increase taxes on million dollar earners.

"It is time for House Republicans to put middle class families first by passing the Senate's bill to protect 98 percent of Americans from a tax hike on January 1. The Senate bill could pass tomorrow if House Republicans would simply let it come to the floor," Jentleson said.

"The Senate has already rejected House Republicans' Tea Party bills, and no further legislation can move through the Senate until Republicans drop their knee-jerk obstruction. Right now, the Senate bill is the only bill that can become law, and House Republicans owe it to middle class families to let it pass with Democratic and Republican votes."

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