'Cops and robbers' game concerns Texas police

Fort Worth Star-TelegramNovember 15, 2012 

This isn't your old-school game of cops and robbers.

Weatherford police are warning that a new version of this game is concerning some residents and could lead to dangerous confrontations.

The game, made popular on YouTube and being played by high school and college students, involves young adults -- typically the age of high school and college students -- meeting at a central location after dark and dividing up into groups of "cops" and "robbers".

The robbers are then dropped off somewhere within the city limits with the goal of making it back to the central location without being detected and caught by one of the "cops," who are searching for them in vehicles. Once spotted, the "cops" must run down the robbers, tag them, and place them in their vehicle.

Weatherford police said such a game was recently played with up to 60 participants meeting at Holland Lake Park.

A news release states that while most of those playing the game are good students with no bad intentions, "the problem is that once the 'cops' start chasing the 'robbers' they will run across private property, over fences and hide in bushes," the release states. "This leads to multiple homeowners calling the police department with reports of what they believe to be prowlers on their property."

Police say it could be just a matter of time before this mistaken identity leads to someone getting hurt.

"Our concerns at this point are that the subjects involved in the game are going to be mistaken by a property or business owner as someone trying to commit an offense and this could lead to them perceiving the game players as a threat and taking action prior to contacting the authorities," Sgt. Bobby Laine states in the press release.

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