Sandusky's lawyer wants arrest records of accusers

State College - Centre Daily TimesMarch 19, 2012 

Jerry Sandusky's lawyer wants to see juvenile arrest records and psychological evaluations of his client's accusers.

It's the latest attempt by defense attorney Joe Amendola to obtain additional information he said he needs to prepare for trial in the child sexual abuse case.

Amendola filed a 17-page court document Friday alleging at least some of Sandusky’s accusers have abused alcohol or drugs.

He said alcohol and drug use could affect their memory, and could be used to call their credibility into question during the trial.

Amendola also requested a psychologist’s report on one of the alleged victims, identified in the papers as Victim 6.

Amendola said the defense believes the report indicates Victim 6 was not sexually abused by Sandusky.

Senior Deputy Attorney General Jonelle Eshbach wrote in a document filed earlier this month that some information, including the arrest records and psychological evaluations of the accusers, is confidential.

In his response filed Friday, Amendola argues the commonwealth has taken “an overly restrictive position.”

Amendola also asked for other information prosecutors have said is confidential — the accusers’ current phone numbers and phone numbers dating back to September 2008.

He said the defense thinks some of the alleged victims knew each other before September 2008 and were communicating when the state’s grand jury investigation was occurring.

Earlier this week, Senior Judge John Cleland dismissed a separate request by the defense for a more specific bill of particulars.

Cleland ruled that since prosecutors said they can’t pinpoint when the alleged abuses occurred, there is no additional information to give the defense.

Jury selection in the trial is scheduled to start May 14.

Sandusky, 68, faces charges he abused 10 boys from 1996 to 2009. He denies the allegations.

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