Facebook dad - yes, THAT one - is ready to 'move on'

Charlotte ObserverFebruary 14, 2012 

Tommy Jordan, the Stanly County father who responded to his teen-age daughter's Facebook rant with an eight-minute YouTube rant of his own, says he is preparing to "move on" with his life.

We use the word "says" guardedly, because Jordan has declined -- throughout the six-day whirlwind of publicity resulting from a YouTube post that has garnered almost 22 million hits -- to speak with the media.

Instead, he is doing what his 15-year-old daughter did when she complained that her parents had turned her into a slave by requiring her to do chores -- he's circumventing the media and communicating to his followers and detractors with Facebook.

In a recent post late Monday night, Jordan said, "In a couple of days, whether the world at large has moved on or not, I'm going to." Jordan, who lives outside the Albemarle city limits, became a world-wide sensation last week when he posted the YouTube video in which he answered his daughter's complaints and finished by using a handgun to pepper the girl's laptop computer with bullets.

The video went viral, and it brought news media from around the country to Jordan's house.

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