Perry would cut salaries for the U.S. Congress

Fort Worth Star-TelegramNovember 15, 2011 

BETTENDORF, Iowa — Hoping that his infamous "oops moment" is old news, Gov. Rick Perry returned to Iowa on Monday with plans to unveil a sweeping federal consolidation that he said would "uproot all three branches of government."

Perry said he would shutter wasteful federal agencies, including the one he famously failed to remember in a debate last week.

Addressing about 270 Republicans at the Scott County Ronald Reagan Dinner on Monday night, Perry received a standing ovation after blasting the federal government for turning its back on average Americans and promising to attack Washington with a wrecking ball if he becomes president.

"The solution is not to nominate someone who is going to nibble around the edges," Perry said. "Washington doesn't need a new coat of paint. It needs a complete overhaul."

Perry will unveil his plan this morning at a town-hall meeting at a Bettendorf factory. Without offering details, he said the restructuring will include "very dramatic reforms" and will touch "every branch of government because they each have contributed to the demise of America."

It will also address "lifetime federal judges" who "rewrite our laws from the bench," he said.

The initiative is the latest in a series that includes the proposed creation of 1.2 million jobs through expanded energy production and a sweeping economic plan with an optional 20 percent flat tax.

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