FBI: Alaskan bank robber left behind personal check for $1 million

Anchorage Daily NewsOctober 14, 2011 

A man turned himself in to police Thursday evening in connection with an East Anchorage bank robbery in which the suspect signed his name to a check and left it with a teller, authorities said.

Aubrey Leolin Haynie, 49, had been sought since the robbery Wednesday afternoon at a First National Bank branch in the 5300 block of East Northern Lights Boulevard.

In a note demanding cash Wednesday, the robber wrote that he needed money to see his mother and threatened to kill the bank clerk, an FBI spokesman said.

The heist was strange, according to an affidavit filed Thursday in federal court.

The complaint says a man in a plaid jacket walked into the bank at 5:39 p.m. and handed the teller a piece of paper.

"You're getting robbed," the note said, according to the charges. "Need money to see mom, don't ask any questions, my name is Satan, if you don't give me money I will kill you."

The teller saw the word "kill" repeated several times on the note and stopped reading in order to comply with the demands, the FBI affidavit says.

Haynie, meantime, started to write a check, said FBI spokesman Eric Gonzalez.

"Who do I make the check out to," Haynie asked, according to the FBI complaint. "First National," the teller replied.

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