Sheriff's clerk tries to fix speeding ticket for teen by faxing to newspaper

Belleville News-DemocratOctober 13, 2011 

BELLEVILLE, Ill. — St. Clair County Sheriff's Department records clerk Joann Reed wanted a speeding ticket for the son of a deputy dismissed, but she didn't go to a judge or jury in traffic court.

Instead, Reed faxed a copy of the Centreville Police Department's ticket from the Sheriff's Department's fax machine to Centreville village attorney Carmen Durso, with a handwritten message: "Dismiss this case."

The problem is, she didn't fax the ticket to Durso. Reed accidentally faxed it to the News-Democrat's newsroom.

"Guilty. Period," Reed said after a reporter questioned her about the errant fax.

The three-page message, signed by Reed, included a notice to appear because the 18-year-old alleged traffic violator failed to show up for court. The new court date is set for today.

"The guy is the son of one of our deputies," was handwritten on the notice to appear.

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