Air Force to cut 2000 jobs in Macon area

Macon TelegraphAugust 18, 2011 

The Air Force plans to cut 2,000 full-time jobs and 4,000 temporary and part-time jobs as a part of its force-reduction initiative announced last week, according to a top official.

In comments to the Air Force Times posted online Wednesday, Brig. Gen. Gina Grosso, director of manpower, organization and resources, said the current 2012 spending bill calls for the Air Force to cut its civilian employees from 189,000 to 182,199. Robins employs about 15,000 civilians.

The cuts for full-time employees are expected to be accomplished through voluntary buyout packages. To achieve the other cuts, 2,000 temporary jobs and 2,000 summer positions will be eliminated.

The Air Force announced the force-reduction initiative Friday along with a 90-day hiring freeze. How it might impact Robins Air Force Base remains unclear. A base spokesman said Robins has not been authorized to talk about the initiatives locally.

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