Parole assessment of Garrido upbeat just nine days after Dugard's kidnapping

Sacramento BeeJuly 12, 2011 

Nine days after they kidnapped Jaycee Lee Dugard, Phillip and Nancy Garrido paid a visit to his parole officer, who indicated things seemed to be going quite well for the convicted rapist and kidnapper.

"No major changes," the federal parole agent wrote on June 19, 1991, adding later, "A lot of complex issue (sic) with this case.

"He talked about the way he met Nancy and their life together. He seems committed to their relationship."

The upbeat assessment is part of Garrido's voluminous federal parole file, made public for the first time Monday through a Freedom of Information Act request that The Bee filed in September 2009.

The file, released as Dugard's memoir goes on sale today, gives the most complete assessment to date of the numerous visits to Garrido's home by federal parole agents who never noticed the 11-year-old kidnap victim being held captive in the backyard.

While partially redacted, the file underscores the agents' lax supervision of Garrido, and demonstrates how easy it was for him to con some officials and co-workers into believing he had reformed himself.

In September 1994, around the time Garrido's sexual assaults resulted in Dugard giving birth to her first daughter at the age of 14, Garrido reported that "everything is going OK," his parole agent noted.

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