Kansan: 466-pound Alaskan halibut put up a fight

Wichita EagleJuly 7, 2011 

Last week Kent Carmichael caught the fish of a lifetime in Alaska with a little help from his dad.

The halibut was nearly 8 feet long and estimated at 466 pounds.

Carmichael, of Ulysses, Kansas, is proud of his fish and that his father, Elmo Carmichael, was along.

"Not many 62-year-old guys can say they go fishing in Alaska every year with their dad," Kent Carmichael said.

Elmo Carmichael, 89, of Hays, made his first fishing trip to Alaska about 30 years ago and returned with a desire to share the experience with his two sons.

He started his sons fishing on the Saline River near Hays for small catfish.

The retired farmer, who still refers to his two sons who are in their 60s as "the youngest boy" and "the oldest boy," said the Alaskan trips are one of the highlights of his year.

His sons feel the same way.

"For several years we'd alternate which one of us went with him," said Craig Carmichael, Kent's 65-year-old brother from Kansas City. "About the last 15 years we've both gone."

From start to end, the trip would exhaust many anglers half Elmo Carmichael's age.

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