About one month of Palin's emails missing from documents

The Anchorage Daily NewsJune 14, 2011 

Nearly a month of former Gov. Sarah Palin's emails are missing from the documents released to media organizations last week, a gap that raises questions about what other emails might also be missing from what's being nationally reported as her record as Alaska governor.

The records include no emails between Dec. 8, 2006 and Dec. 29, 2006. The state's log of emails that it withheld from public release lists none from that time period.

That means, if the record is to be trusted, Palin did not send or receive a single email about state business during a time when she was busy taking the first major actions of her new administration. That means zero emails during a period during which, among other things, Palin put out her proposed state budget, appointed an attorney general, killed the contract for a road out of Juneau and vetoed a bill that sought to block state public employee benefits to same-sex couples.

The state had no explanation Monday.

"I don't have any information on the missing documents," said Linda Perez, administrative director for Gov. Sean Parnell. "I forwarded all that off to (state technology services) and asked them if they would search their search criteria and see if they can explain or come up with any reason for this."

One likely factor is Palin's decision to use private email accounts for state business rather than her official state account

It's a practice she kept up for most of her term. So while the Palin emails are being reported as an account of her time as governor, it's far from a complete record.

Palin took office on Dec. 4, 2006. The only emails that the state released dating from between then and Dec. 8, other than a message to Palin from a constituent, came from Marty Rutherford, deputy commissioner in the department of natural resources.

On Dec. 8, a Palin aide told Rutherford in to use a different account.

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