Texas relative of man killed in 9/11 attack 'relieved' over bin Laden's death

Fort Worth Star-TelegramMay 2, 2011 

Marty Fangman was finishing some work leftover from a weekend trade show when he heard the news alert on his television.

Osama bin Laden was dead, a reporter said.

Fangman stiffened, and the Keller man's thoughts immediately turned to his younger brother Robert Fangman, a flight attendant who died on one of the doomed 9/11 flights.

"It was draining, that's the best way to say it," Fangman said. "It brings everything back. It makes you remember the good and the bad things.

"The good things about my brother..." he started, choking up.

Quickly after the news report Sunday night, Fangman's phone started ringing. It was his sister and brother. They talked late into the night.

His family's emotions were difficult to put into words, he said.

"It's not happiness, it's not glad. ... It's just relief over the fact that he's (Osama's) gone and we won't have to listen to him spout his beliefs in some criminal court somewhere," Fangman said.

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