Bigfoot search heads to N.C.'s Uwharrie National Forest

The Charlotte ObserverFebruary 7, 2011 

A national cable television channel is sending a film crew to a national forest 75 miles from Charlotte to join a Salisbury man in his search for Bigfoot.

The Animal Planet plans to document Michael Greene's search for the creature, which Greene says he captured on videotape nearly two years ago.

And Greene plans to lead an expedition of volunteers into the forest Saturday in hopes of finding Bigfoot.

Tahli Kouperstein, director of communications for the Animal Planet, said the crew will join Greene at the Uwharrie National Forest in Montgomery County as part of the network's six-episode series on Bigfoot sightings around the United States.

"They are using modern technology to finally find the legendary and elusive creature," Kouperstein said.

She said crews are visiting "areas of the country where videos or photos have shown convincing evidence of Bigfoot sightings."

Greene, who moved to Salisbury from New Jersey last year, says he has been chasing Bigfoot for several years, trying to find the legendary creature - generally described as half-ape, half-human - in forests from Canada to the southern United States. He said he had a breakthrough about 11:30 p.m. April 28, 2009, somewhere in the Uwharrie National Forest.

Greene says he took three minutes of video, using thermal-imaging equipment, showing a large creature walking through the forest. He says he baited the creature, using a Zagnut candy bar.

Greene has a website that displays several videos, but it is unclear if any are the footage that he claims shows Bigfoot.

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