Commentary: War on Christmas? No. War on common sense? Yes.

The Fort Worth Star-TelegramDecember 6, 2010 

Tarrant County is the newest battlefront in the War on Christmas.

Or is it?

Just when the fervor was dwindling over atheists' petty publicity-stunt ads on the T, a new O'Reilly-ready Christmas clatter broke out in Southlake.

Chase Bank's gift Christmas tree was missing.

The customer who donated the 9-foot flocked artificial tree said Chase and Political Correctness took it.

But hold up on that hunt for secular devils on Southlake Boulevard.

Other Chase banks have Christmas trees. The big New York headquarters has two, from what I see on the Web. The Houston regional office has one.

Yes, JPMorgan Chase & Co. branch managers in Southlake took down hairdresser Antonio Morales' brightly bedecked tree.

Not because it was a Christmas tree.

Because it wasn't a company-issued Christmas tree.

Chase officials reversed field Friday, offering to reinstall Morales' tree after customers threatened to remove their own green.

Morales said no, he'll take it home or to another bank.

"I have no intention of putting that tree back up," said Morales, 50, of Fort Worth, owner of the year-old Bellagio Salon and Day Spa.

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