Idaho's capital holds its own 'Restore Sanity' rally

Idaho StatesmanNovember 1, 2010 

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's "Restore Sanity" rally in Washington wasn't the only one this past weekend.

An estimated crowd of more than 500 people showed up on the steps of Boise City Hall to hear a diverse bunch of speakers — Boise City Councilman and County Commissioner-elect Vern Bisterfeldt, Boise State University Student Senate president Mark Gehrke among them — and to join local musician Dan Costello for a sing-along version of the "Schoolhouse Rock" classic "I'm Just a Bill."

Ralliers held signs that ranged from the sincere, "When did peace become unpatriotic?" to the saucy, "Let's meet in the middle ... and make out," to the inscrutable, "This sign cost $1.08."

Boise rally organizer Whitney Rearick said the main message she wanted to get out is that this political season is not one of apathy and irreverence, but one in which it's important to vote — and for candidates to talk about issues that matter.

"It's driving me crazy that we're talking about letting Idahoans pay their taxes in gold and silver, and the freedom to bear arms," Rearick said. "No one's about to lose their right to bear arms in Idaho. But what about jobs, keeping health care costs down, or getting health care for people who don't have it? Let’s be sane, and talk about things that matter."

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