Signs point to heaven with humor

The Charlotte ObserverAugust 14, 2010 

Driving to Albemarle this week, I had to chuckle with admiration when I passed the sign in front of West Stanly Baptist Church.

It's one of those churches that tries to witness to passing motorists by offering them a clever spiritual nugget to ponder as they head for wherever they're going.

I liked their message so much that I did ponder: Hmmm, I write a religion column. Why not do one on these sermonettes on signs?

I'll start by showing you what West Stanly Baptist had to say:



I saw a few more on my way back from Albemarle, including this one at Cornerstone Baptist:



By the time I got to the Observer newsroom, I was really into it. I e-mailed my colleagues, asking them to send me any sayings they'd seen on church signs.

I got a bunch.

Some played off these blazing summer temps.

IF YOU'RE UNSAVED, GET USED TO THIS HEAT, said the sign at Concord's Lighthouse Apostolic Church.

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