What's eating Texas? In some neighborhoods, feral hogs

Fort Worth Star-TelegramJuly 6, 2010 

ARLINGTON, Texas — Sharon Taylor stepped out of her home last week to find her flower beds looking like a war zone.

Her begonias were gone, her mulch was a mess and the special organic mix was apparently viewed as a delicacy by the unwanted intruders.

So Taylor, 63, who owns a landscape company, spent several hundred dollars replanting the big beds in the front of her home.

The next day, she was hit again.

All told, her beds were torn up four out of five nights last week, and there's no doubt who is to blame.

"I am so upset about these damn pigs I don't know what to do," said Taylor, who has lived in her neighborhood since 1979.

To Arlington officials, it isn't a surprise.

Feral hogs have been causing problems at River Legacy Parks, next door to Taylor's neighborhood, for several years, uprooting vegetation and occasionally scaring a hiker or jogger on the trails.

This year, Arlington has trapped 12 hogs at the park. By law, officials must euthanize captured hogs.

But hogs had never before traipsed into Taylor's neighborhood.

"It's going to be very difficult thinning them out," said Ray Rentschler, community services supervisor for Arlington Animal Services. "They're probably here to stay."

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