Activists to fight Arizona-style immigration proposal in Florida

Miami HeraldJuly 1, 2010 

Julio Salgado, an undocumented immigrant worker from Nicaragua, has been questioned by the police in the past after business owners called authorities to complain about the presence of day laborers. But Salgado says that until recently none of the police officers had asked him for immigration papers.

Now Salgado is worried that they may start asking him for papers if the Florida Legislature adopts an immigration-control law similar to the one Arizona lawmakers passed earlier this year.

State Rep. William Snyder, R-Stuart, said last week that he plans to introduce legislation in November incorporating ``significant components'' from the Arizona law, which is scheduled to take effect July 29. The earliest Snyder expects the Florida Legislature to consider his bill would be during the next regular legislative session in March.

Herman Martínez of the American Friends Service Committee, an immigrant-rights organization, said immigration activists are preparing to fight the Snyder proposal and that if the Legislature approved such a law many groups in Florida and around the country would call for tourism, convention and business boycotts against Florida.

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