Glenn Beck's message to the NRA: God, guns and voting

May 16, 2010 

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich rallied a National Rifle Association audience Saturday night to get back to God, guns and the polls.

"We're the people who always rise at the last moment to pull somebody's butt out of the fire," Beck said as he concluded at Charlotte's Time Warner Cable Arena. "We have to do it again. You are all here for a reason."

A crowd of more than 10,000 at the NRA's Celebration of American Values Freedom Experience stood and roared.

While the night was aimed at a gun-loving crowd, the headliners derided the "Marxist revolutionaries" in the Obama administration as they celebrated veterans and the Second Amendment. With midterm elections less than six months away, they spoke of an urgency to renew America at the polls.

"Your mission," Gingrich said, "is to organize at every level ... and to simply, decisively beat all (liberal-leaning candidates) and get this country back on track."

Beck said the nation's debt poses a danger: "Our debt is over twice the size of everything we own. You got it?"

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