Commentary: Whitman's millions might be boost California's economy needs

The Fresno BeeMarch 30, 2010 

If for nothing else, Meg Whitman deserves a hip-hip-hooray for single-handedly trying to turn around California's failing economy.

State election records indicate that she has spent $47 million in her effort to become our next governor — or about $2.70 for each of California's 17 million registered voters.

Not to endorse deception, but voters might want to rethink what they're telling pollsters.

Right now, Whitman has about a 50-percentage point lead over fellow billionaire Steve Poizner for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.

Just think how much more they both might spend if this were a contest instead of a coronation.

A danger for Whitman is that at some point voters barraged by her ads might actually listen to her message -- instead of focusing on finding work and paying bills.

She says that as governor she will seek out fraud and cut wasteful spending.

But you have to wonder if a politician who spends money like a drunken sailor really should be positioning herself as a fiscal watchdog.

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