Internet Sci Fi series 'Trenches' finally premieres

McClatchy NewspapersFebruary 16, 2010 

The Internet science fiction series "Trenches" premieres February 16, 2010 at


Finally coming to an Internet connection near you is "Trenches."

A new science-fiction drama by Northern Virginia-based filmmaker Shane Felux, more than three years in the making, "Trenches" deals with a botched rescue attempt on an alien planet and the ensuring struggle, of both friend and foe, to survive and escape.

The first three episodes premiered Feb. 16, and the last episode will come in early March. Each episode is between 5-7 minutes long.

Conceived to be shown on the Internet, "Trenches" is 10 episodes long. The initial concept was written by the team of Dawn Cowings and Sarah Yaworsky, who also wrote Felux's award-winning fan-film production "Star Wars: Revelations." Other "Trenches" writers include Peter Gamble Robinson, who co-wrote "Pitching Lucas" with Felux, and Ian Shorr.

"Trenches" is being released on Sony Pictures' A trailer is at

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